Best Tips To Ensure Your Bookkeeper Is The One For You?

Do you know which bookkeeper is the one for you? That’s a difficult question to answer simply because there are many good bookkeepers out there but some of them are not ideal for your needs. It’s sometimes tough to know which bookkeeper is going to provide you with the services you need as they all seem competent and useful. However, there are many simple ways to ensure the bookkeeper you hire is really the one for you. Read on to find out more.

Understand What Services They Offer and whether they’re Relevant for Your Business

First of all, you have to understand what bookkeeping services you need for your business. Do you need a basic bookkeeping service or are you looking for someone who can bring additional services to the table? These are the things in which you have to think about so that the right service can be found. You also need to look at what services bookkeepers Melbourne can offer so that you can be sure the people you choose are actually suitable. Far too many choose people who aren’t actually suitable for them and it’s a waste of time and money.

Do The Sums Add Up?

Next, you have to think about their costs and whether their monthly asking price will match up to your budget. If you don’t have a set budget it’s maybe time to think about creating one simply because every bookkeeper can charge a different price and it can get out of hand fast. You really need to know your limitations so that the right service can be found. Ideally you don’t want to pay for a service you don’t need or want or one which is going to charge you far more than you can afford. To find out more, check out

Can You Trust Them?

There’s no point in hiring a bookkeeper if you don’t trust them. You are not only going to be keeping a close eye on them but probably will feel uneasy leaving them in charge of the books. Having that unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach really isn’t a good feeling for business people across the world as you’ll end up spending more time worrying about the bookkeeping service you’ve hired. It can be a waste of time hiring someone you don’t trust. There needs to be some level of trust between you and the bookkeeper you hire. It’s the only way things can run smoothly.

Hire the Best

It’s very important that you find a bookkeeper who is honest and whom you can trust otherwise things are not going to run smoothly. Also, you have to ensure they offer a decent service and their prices are suitable for your needs. There are far too many people who choose a bookkeeper because they appear nice or because their website looks good. You have to go on your instincts just as much as their fees and how professional they appear. Choosing the right bookkeepers Melbourne will be very important.

Can my Bookkeeper See my Receipt Bank account?

If you run a small business and outsource your bookkeeping, it’s important to know how to give your bookkeeper access to your Receipt Bank account. Allowing him or her access to this account lets your bookkeeper be able to make sure that they are keeping as up to date as possible on any and all account spending that your business may be doing. But how can you allow them access?


Follow these steps first


First, go to the Receipt Bank web app and login with your business’s username and password so that you can start the process of allowing your bookkeeper access. Once you are logged into Receipt Bank, find the “account details” tab on the left hand side (the “dark side,” if you will) and use it to open your account settings. Then, at the bottom of that page, locate the option for giving account access to your “accountant.” Obviously, this works the same with bookkeepers. It should say that you are allowed to “grant access.” It also provides you with two options, depending on whether or not your bookkeeper has his or her own account already. If they’re new to Receipt Bank, they will receive an invitation so that they can sign up prior to proceeding. It also reminds you what access grants them : they will be able to add new items, edit items, and extract/push data from your business account. Take these responsibilities seriously and really make sure you believe your bookkeeper is capable of handling all of them. See more:


Then what?!


After you’ve read through all of the above information and clicked through, the next screen will allow you to input your bookkeeper’s information/email address. Just enter it into the provided box and click the green continue button. If your bookkeeper already has an account, they will immediately have access and will be able to see your business’s details under their own Receipt Bank dashboard. It will ask you to verify your company name, personal name and telephone number before you click “grant access.” If they don’t, the email will be sent to them and it will be up to them to follow up, sign up with Receipt Bank and get connected with your account.


What are the benefits of Receipt Bank?


Receipt Bank is an excellent resource, not only for bookkeepers. It’s been around since 2010 and is specifically for small businesses to help them manage their accounting needs. The tech they provide helps streamline and automate the bookkeeping process by providing a better accountant-client relationship. If you don’t already use it, opening an account is highly suggested. They have a variety of price options that vary between $25 and $220 a month, depending on how many items you plan to have monthly. They also offer a 14-day free trial if you want to see if it’s a good fit for you and your bookkeeper.


If you own your own small business, you more than likely use Receipt Bank. By providing your bookkeeper access, you open up a more dynamic accountant-client relationship and increase your potential to streamline your financial needs. See more this site:

Advantages of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Advantages of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Be it small or big, every business needs to record and maintain its financial day-to-day transactions. This is exactly the purpose that bookkeeping software serves, yet in a more convenient way.Bookkeepers Melbourne is the right company or bookkeeping firm for any business owners.

Before the advent of professional bookkeeping software, traditional ways of recording and maintaining the accounting books were used. Although these conventional ways stayed in the finance industry for years, but with the passage of time the bookkeepers and finance managers realized that these methods were way too far behind. Hence, businesses started adopting the new techniques for recording their business transactions. Even if you have the best bookkeeping software in hands, you still need the services of a professional bookkeeper to work for you to avoid problems and difficulties in handling company papers.

With the use of these bookkeeping methods dealing with complicated figures, data accuracy and speedy data entry all became attainable at the same time. Where a traditional technique involves hiring of qualified clerks, accounting software is very cost effective as any person with basic training could fit in the shoes of a clerk.

Moreover, these methods made accounting very systematic, which almost erased the chances of errors and fraud. Considering all these advantages, not only the big enterprises but many small businesses also got attracted towards accounting software and other customized accounting packages. for more details, visit :

Advantages of Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Companies, having difficulty to retain information for future references found it very easy to store large amounts of accounting data with the bookkeeping software. The financial statements were prepared with very little human effort, yet with higher accuracy. Analyzing and comparing cash flows of the company for various years became easy, which showed a positive effect on a company’s efficiency. One of the top bookkeeping firms that are always there to help your bookkeeping works is the Bookkeepers Melbourne. They are doing business for many years and they are trusted by many clients already. You can even check their website on

As recording business transactions became easy and less time consuming, small companies could focus on other matters of business, such as providing better quality control or customer services. Such improvements in businesses played a vital role and helped small businesses with their expansion.

Besides all these advantages, companies also have an option to create customized accounting software. The tailored software differs according to the needs of each business which helps every company achieve its specific goals.

Many entrepreneurs owning smaller businesses believe that this bookkeeping software is mainly for wide spread businesses. However, this is a misconception as it is equally useful for small scale businesses. Although planning and budgeting of small business might not be as complicated as bigger companies, yet using modern methods of recording, such as invoice creators and other techniques are very beneficial. click here for more details.

Hence, if you want your small business to flourish and soar to heights of success, then one of the changes that your company needs to adopt is to use modern accounting software.